Aberdeen Angus Semen

At britishangus.com we can supply Aberdeen Angus semen from a huge range of bulls that are ideal for pedigree breeders looking to enhance their herds with the best bulls around. Bulls that are ideally suited to cross on other beef breeds and also bulls that are perfect for crossing on dairy cows to provide calving ease and high quality calves.

Below is a sample of the bulls available, please contact us for more details of these and other bulls we can find to suit your exact needs.



Hogan is a calving ease legend, years after his birth he remains one of the best in the breed for calving ease, yet his progeny still grow into great cattle.

Red Piper

Red Piper is a stunning individual for both pedigree and commercial breeders; he is in the Top 1% of the Breed for Terminal Index.


Emperor has a very low frame score and as such is hugely popular for crossing on dairy heifers for extremely good calving ease


Kruncher is siring some of nicest calves on the show scene in 2009, no surprise when you see such great 200, 400 & 600 day weights!


Jake is a new bull with a big future, he is a stunning individual from a super cow family. His index shows fantastic 400 & 600 day weights with excellent Rib eye score!


Elmark is simply one of the best bulls in Britain today; he has everything, great style, fantastic figures and a super pedigree.


Palermo is a young bull with a big future. He has a nice pedigree Defiance x Stockman and has an exceptional Terminal Index of +32. He combines good calving ease with exceptional 600 day weight. Palermo is a great choice for all breeders.